Wednesday, 20 June 2007

New Website Is Up And Running!

At last, is up and running! Lapsklaus made the site for me, and I´m very pleased with the result! As the rest of this project, the website is also still in progress, which means it will continue to grow alongside The Knitting Project as time goes. For starters, it´s main goal is to bring attention to the project and to spread the word on the upcoming book.

Until Lapsklaus learns how to make and implement a guestbook on the website (this website is his third ever, and he´s a total newbie when it comes to web programming), I will use this blog as a guestbook. Please tell your friends to visit and post a comment!

Meanwhile, you know what to do: Go Knit!


  1. Hei!

    Eg er ein ivrig strikkar og har blitt inspirert til å strikke luer. Eg har falt pladask for nokre av luene dine og lurer på om det er mogeleg å få tak i oppskriftene før dei eventuelt kjem ut i bokform?

    Takkar for svar:) Og lykke til med bokprosjekt.

    Helsing Karen

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  4. I was given your book for Christmas- wonderful!

    here is my first project, entitled:
    How you make a toque

    now I must make another ...

  5. Dear Trond Anfinnsen:
    Well, I bought you book HAT HEADS and like you, I make them for friends, relatives, strangers and orphanages, but unlike you, I don't use wool too expensive for me). However, I give them away and today I found out that the hat made for JORRUN is on its way to a Leprosy Colony, for a girl named Kate.

    My most request4ed hat had is KATRIN, mainly with the colors in the book, however, I have made it with shocking pink, turquoise, silvergray and the pinkin your book. The black that frames the face is perfect with the colors I have mentioned, topping it off. It's flattering to everyone that wears it.
    Bury the hat you first made. I can say that as I'm 92.8 years old and 100% Swedish. You know how you feel about us!
    Happy Knitting,
    Lorrayne Olson Stafford
    (sent by her daughter, she doesn't use a computer).