Saturday, 26 May 2007

Hi everyone
In lack of finances to construct a descent web-site, I go for a blog (for now). I have purchased, and it will hopefully be up and running in a not to distant future.

To everyone who, for some reason, stumbles in on this blog, I can inform you the following:

The Knitkid knitted hats book will reach the bookstores all over USA and Canada by fall/winter 2008. I am in dialog with the New York publisher Watson-Guptill, and probably one of the coming days we will sign the contract. The first edition of the book will probably be printed in 10 000 copies, so when time comes..., run and buy:-)

The title of the book will be "Why not knit... Hats for my family, my friends and the rest of the world." I have knitted hats for 15 months, and I have been giving my hats to friends and family. Each hat is specially designed for its owner. And everyone who has received a hat has been portrayed by my friend Lapsklaus , and you find all the portaits here. These portraits will be the backbone of the book, and they will be presented with a graphic display of the pattern, and written instructions on how to make them.

More information to come...